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" Michel Keymolen: a journey around light... "

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Passionate since childhood by drawing, light, color; I chose to study Interior Architecture at the Institut St Luc de Bruxelles, photography at the Brussels School, and sculpture at Atelier 340 in Jette.


I approached Painting more than 30 years ago by attending the workshop of the late Henri Van Eepoel, the studio of Hughes Renier, the workshops of Etyen Wery and Mireze Aerts at the Ecole des Arts in Uccle and to this day, the workshop of Patrick Michiels in Monumental Painting.


I consider painting as an expression of oneself, of oneself as an individual, as a confrontation, as an outlet. It’s a commitment, an edifying struggle!


I paint for pleasure, for conviction. I draw from it both serenity, calm, sobriety and at the same time action, letting go, freedom of expression, where you just have to be in agreement with yourself, just listen to yourself .


“Wolvendael Magazine” numbers 611 and 612 -

articles by Stève Polus

Extract from the magazine " Le courrier du bois "

Article from the magazine "Designers Week-end Brussels "

“The measure of the gesture in the fragility of the material: the setting in abyss of his gesture takes away the material, the color, the paint.

When the immaculate, heavy brush unbalances the densities of shapes and figures, the water transports ... the image settles almost immediately and then in the accomplishment, in the course a strong rhythm like a violent breath is imposed.

Appearances, disappearances to make room for painting and for it alone. Whatever themes Michel Keymolen discusses, it is the content that emerges. (the image recalls, the painting reveals: said Arikha)

I look at Michel, he looks like a tightrope walker in perfect balance wavering with each breath, he paints… ”. Mireze Aerts

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